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The Balloon Foundation Family


Atiyyah Ghanchi


Hi there !
My name is Atiyyah, we are glad to see you have taken an interest in our foundation. Along side my team we aimed to create a platform for people from all contexts to use their skills and talents to create opportunities of empowerment in fun & exciting ways. What brings this foundation close to my heart is family dynamic seen amongst our team  
Hmmmm... a random fun fact & tip about me would be , I don’t like bananas by any extent

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Fatima Bham-Laher


Hey there!
I'm Fatima, and I am a teacher-in-training and co-secretary of The Balloon Foundation!
I fell in love with The Balloon Foundation's philosophy which is based on how everyone and anyone can make a difference, and no good deed is considered "too small"
I admit to having a special place in my heart for our women and youth empowerment projects.
A fun fact about me would be that I am actually a qualified fashion and beauty makeup artist, and a certified amateur event planner!

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Aadil Seedat


Here for the finance things

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Maseeha Seedat


I love flowers

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Nabehah Seedat

Director of Media & Marketing


It's wonderful to know that you have taken interest in our foundation and we hope for you to be a part of our family!

If you're here reading this it means that my job is done!

The Balloon Foundation has brought hope on the rise for me and I hope it will do the same for you

I am doing a BSc in Property Studies degree 

A fun fact about me is that I have completed the Midmar mile on more than one occasion

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Yumnah Bhabha

Volunteer Co-Ordination 

Hey hey 

I'm Yumnah Bhabha, and my official role at TBF is volunteer coordinator. So if you're looking to join, want to get involved in specific programs and events or have a cool idea to incorporate volunteers - I'm your girl! 
More importantly, I provide members with a consistent supply of cookies and puns! 

The Balloon Foundation has given me the opportunity to express myself and use my passion for people in the most beneficial and rewarding way. One of the greatest benefits is being able to use my role to create that opportunity for others, and consequently build and grow the organisation ensuring that this cookie, doesn't crumble!

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Talhah Seedat

Well hello there
I'm Talhah, I am currently studying avionics however my true passion is making a positive difference. 
The Balloon Foundation has given me a way to do so. I have been a member of The Balloon Foundation family since 2018. The foundation has helped me grow in many ways and thought me the true value of teamwork and how coming together can have such a positive impact.
I have the position of research developers so I basically Google things


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Haroon Patel

Youth Wing Management

I joined The Balloon Foundation with the vision and drive to improve upon our Non-Profit Organization, and focused on developing the organization by creating a Youth Wing.

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Layyah Mohamed

Venue & Logistics

I’m Layyah, an Electrical Engineering student who is passionate about helping and empowering the less fortunate
I joined the Balloon Foundation in 2018 and its projects and members have inspired me to be a better person ever since. Also, I like art

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Meet the Team: Meet the Team

Maryam Laher


I am secretary of The Balloon Foundation. I take minutes and write letters and so I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize for any typos in advance. 
The Balloon Foundation has shown me that no matter the size of your contribution you have the ability to impact someone’s life greatly

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